1. How much does it cost to post an ad on AgribusinessListings.com?

    Ads for project livestock, equipment, and arts/crafts ads posted by 4-H and FFA students in the Students / 4-H / FFA category are FREE and run for 90 days. A credit card is NOT required for students to post in one of the free student categories.All other ads in all other categories cost just $5 and run for 90 days. Read more.

  2. Is my credit card information safe?

    Yes. Your credit card information is safe. Payments for posting ads are made through PayPal. The owner of AgriBusinessListings.com never receives your credit card information. Although processing payments through PayPal may seem a bit more inconvenient for site users, this is a much safer way to process your credit card payment due to PayPal's robust security features.  Read more.

  3. Can I make my ad location-specific?

    Yes. When you post an advertisement on AgriBusinessListings.com, you can select the geographic location for which your advertisement applies.County-level locations are available for the top 10 Ag states (California, Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Indiana), plus Arizona and Washington.For ads that apply across multiple states, a "nation-wide"… Read more.

  4. Who operates AgriBusinessListings.com?

    AgribusinessListings.com was launched in March 2020 by Central Valley, California native James V. Cardoza, operator of James Cardoza Consulting - https://JamesCardoza.com About James V. CardozaRaised on a dairy and row crop farm in Tulare County, California.Studied Finance at Santa Clara University in California's Silicon Valley.Learned computer programming, web design and how… Read more.

  5. Can I embed a YouTube, Vine, or Vimeo video in my ad?

    Yes. Embedding an YouTube or Vine, or Vimeo video in your ad is easy. Just select the video icon in the ad entry page and copy and past the link to the video. AgriBusinessListings.com's software will take care of the rest of the coding for you. Read more.

  6. Can I share my advertisement with my friends on FaceBook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

    Yes. After you have posted your advertisement, go to your ad and select the icon applicable to the social media site on which you wish to share your ad. Available options include FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twittter, and Pinterest. Read more.

  7. Do I have to display my email address and phone number on my ad?

    No. To help protect your privacy, AgriBusinessListings.com includes a private messaging system. When a site visitor wishes to message you about your ad, they can send you a message that resides on the servers used by AgriBusinessListings.com.  You will then receive an email stating that you have a message waiting for you. To retrieve your message, just log back into your… Read more.

  8. What is your phone number? Can I contact customer support?

    To keep the cost of operating this site down, it is preferred that you send your question through the Contact Us page, located HERE.However, if you would prefer, you may still call for support at: 559-492-6685. For best results, if you call support and the call is not picked up, please leave a message. Read more.

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